About Us
Loving Home Care is a family owned and operated business that is
dedicated to helping seniors receive quality, safe, affordable care all in the
comfort of their home.  At Loving Home Care we desire a personal relationship
with our clients.  As administrator, I personally perform routine calls and visits to
our clients to ensure that Loving Home Care is meeting their needs.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of home care that is trustworthy,
safe and affordable.

We treat your loved ones as family, with the dignity, respect and consideration
they deserve as if we are caring for our own loved ones.

Loving Home Care developed out of a desire to help others. While growing up
my mother who is a retired nurse would occasionally take me to visit her elderly
patients in the nursing home; many had few visits because their families were
busy or lived away. These visits with my mom are memories that have remained
with me.

With 20 years experience in the caregiver field, I know that home care is a
valuable alternative to nursing homes and hospitals.  
I know that the skyrocketing cost of health care can be a financial strain for
families with a loved one needing assistance and supervision with daily activities.  

My grandparents needed assistance with their activities of daily living and
a home caregiver was the only sensible and economical solution.
They were fortunate to remain in the comfort and safety of their home
maintaining some level of independence. As with my grandparents,
you deserve only the best, cost-effective loving home care for yourself or your
loved one.

Years ago as a new, first time mom embarking on this business there were days
I could have used an extra set of hands. While facilitating care for seniors in our
community, I met mothers and busy individuals needing assistance with their
children, household management and completing daily tasks while juggling
busy schedules, I immediately identified with them and as a result; in addition to
Elder Care Service we have a Mother's Helper Service and
Errand Only Service just for you.

I look forward to being of service to your family.

~~~ Aisha
"Thank you so much for
sending Simone, it truly has
been a pleasure working with
the both of you." ---Anita
Loving Home Care
Care you can trust and afford all in the comfort of your home!®
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